Message of the UN-Habitat, Executive Director, Maimunah Sharif on World Habitat Day


Dear Global Citizens,

As We Gather today to celebrate World habitat day, set by the United Nations to reflect on the state of human settlements and Human Habitat, let us remember that cities are Not Mere collections of buildings and Roads. Cities are vibrant ecosystem of human potential and Innovation. They are our future.

In our challenging times of conflict, economic hardships and climate disasters cities have proven their resilient time and time again. Cities have emerged as islands of Hope where communities unite ideas flourish and dreams are achieved.

UN-Habitat, the United Nations human settlements programme, works with cities and communities to unlock their potential and empower them to create a better urban future with job opportunities, green spaces and respect for diversity. With your support we can tell the real story about cities. Let us share examples of cities as drivers of growth and recovery. Let us recognize that resilient urban economies are not only about financing growth and competing to be at the top it is also about nurturing the human spirit embracing innovation putting technology to serve human needs and creating inclusive societies. Many nations recognize this and have pledge support for the sustainable development of cities and human settlements.

The second UN-Habitat assembly in June this year reaffirm housing as a basic human rights and mandated us to develop recommendations for affordable housing. We will also develop International guidelines for people-centered smart cities and urban biodiversity. Let us work together to implement these policies and recommendations. As we embark on the journey remember that the power to transform our city’s lives within each one of us. Together we can build resilient urban economies that stand as beacons of hope lighting the way towards a brighter more inclusive and sustainable future for all.

Happy World Habitat day 2023