Hospitals Database and Risk Management Platform (BEHTAB phase II software system)


Considering Disaster Risk Reduction and Management of Hospitals as an integrated procedure, HRMAP is designed as an enabled toolkit for decision making for this purpose. Unavailability of sufficient technical data and documents about existing facilities has been recognized as one of the major barriers in appropriate Disaster Risk Management of Hospital facilities. Thus the first module of the Platform has been designed as a technical database of the hospital facilities available as the inventory under management. The software system organizes the technical data collected from site surveys and existing reports in an application database to make the key information available for corresponding experts and decision makers in the government and then provides a risk-informed prioritization of the facilities available in the inventory based on a probabilistic risk assessment approach.  The platform consists of two main modules:

  • Database Module

archives and organizes the technical reports and data related to hospital buildings. Technical documents include the reports, notes, drawings and other technical files providing informations about the design basis and procedure, tests construction and maintenance. Technical data include the pre-compiled lists and forms, filled by the operator during the initiation of the database or periodically during operation of each facility.

  • Risk Assessment Module

gathers required data from HRMAP database for risk assessment of hospitals inventory by employing the available hospitals taxonomy and hazard map from HRMAP internal library. This library can be updated by introducing new hazard and fragility or loss functions. HRMAP introduces the overall risk of individual hospitals by combining risk of structural and non-structural components and medical equipment. Results are presented by risk-based prioritization list of hospitals, reports and plots.

As a key step towards risk assessment, specific fragility functions that represent probabilistic level of damage against a pre-defined level of hazard, were developed for most common Iranian hospital buildings and utilized in HRMAP.


The HRMAP database and software were delivered to EOPGBI and training courses were held to train the personnel of the organization to use the different capabilities of the software. As part of the outputs of this activity, Reference Manual and User’s Manual were prepared and made available to the users.