Component 3: Institutional and Personnel Capacity Development

To facilitate and support the efforts on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management(DRRM) in hospitals and critical facilities against natural hazards and also ensure the sustainability of the achievements of the Project a series of activities have been planned in the Component 3 of the Project through development of tools and institutional, as well as expert capacities within the stakeholders and expert community and also improving the awareness of the public community. The Component is then composed of the following activities:

Part of the knowledge transfer in the BEHTAB Phase-II was carried out through the holding of specialized training courses for experts, management courses for decision makers, as well as two conferences on improving the resilience of hospitals.

The introduction of new design concepts and implementation methods to the construction community and managers was followed in BEHTAB phase-II by compiling technical instructions and guidelines in the field of retrofitting and resilience of hospitals and critical facilities.

In the development of organizational capacity, in addition to policies and preparation of technical and management guidelines, the necessary technical-management tools should also be developed. This was followed in BEHTAB Phase-II by developing Database and Risk Management tool, HRMAP.

As one of the important parts of Behtab Phase II capacity building, the use of innovative technologies that have proven their effectiveness in past natural disasters to build new hospitals and critical facilities was followed by providing guidelines and design examples.


The Main Outputs of this Component of the Project can be addressed as:

  • Improvement of the institutional capacity in the stakeholders on disaster risk reduction and management
  • Improvement of expert capacities and administrative awareness regarding safer hospitals and critical facilities against natural disasters