Development of Guidelines and Instructions

The introduction of new design concepts and implementation methods to the construction community and managers was followed in BEHTAB phase-II by compiling technical instructions and guidelines with cooperation of the Technical Working Group (TWG):

  • Development of the BEHTAB guideline: Instructions for Design of Safe and Resilient Hospitals against Multi-Hazards.
  • Seismic assessment of Non-structural components (NSCs) in Hospitals,
  • Practical handbook of design examples of hospitals equipped with innovative technologies
  • Lessons learnt from the studies on seismic assessment and retrofitting of hospitals


BEHTAB phase-II’s instructions and guidelines were published in order to:

  • Provide comprehensive documents in the field of assessment and retrofitting of hospitals by integrating various national and international codes and regulatory
  • Find the gaps of existing codes and provide applied solutions by incorporation of Technical Working Group (TWG)
  • provide an approved methodology and step-by step basis for experts to follow
  • Knowledge sharing of implementation experiences