The National Urban Policy Programme in the I.R. Iran is successfully reached its end by developing the National Urban Policy and Smart City Strategy Document

The “Pilot phase of the National Urban Policy Programme: Developing National Urban Policies and Smart City Strategies in I.R. Iran” started in 2017 in partnership between UN-Habitat and the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development (MoRUD) and financial support of the Republic of Korea. This Programme included several steps such as preparation of the “Diagnostic Reports”, preparation of the “Project Document”, preparation of the National Urban Policy (NUP) and Smart City Strategy (SCS) document, implementation of demonstration projects, holding capacity-building and knowledge-sharing activities, and active participation at WUF 11.
The main output of this Programme is developing the NUP and SCS document in the I.R. Iran. This document identifies the urban policy priorities in I.R. Iran through a participatory approach and by reviewing national and international upstream documents and interviews with key experts and stakeholders. Furthermore, validation and engaging the stakeholders happened through close collaboration with the Urban Planning and Architecture Directorate of MoRUD as the government counterpart, and by preparation of seven supporting documents, holding three Steering Committee meetings, and three national workshops during the process of developing the document.
It is noteworthy that by finalizing the Programme in the I.R. Iran, the MoRUD is also intended to approve the document in the High Council of Architecture and Urban Planning in the next stage.
You can find the NUP and the SCS “Summary Report” in English and Persian hereunder: